What I like about PHP

There’s a somewhat prevalent notion in some circles that PHP is a bad language and everyone that uses it is some sort of idiot that wouldn’t recognise a real programming language if it compiled to Javascript right in front of their nose. What a real programming language is varies greatly depending on what person you ask (it usually involves things that are specific to their preferred language), but there’s a lot of people that say PHP isn’t one.

Sure, PHP has its warts — every language does. It appears that just because PHP has been used a lot more than most languages it gets compared to, its warts are known about a lot more which makes it a much easier target.

As someone who actually enjoys using PHP for the most part, this sort of attitude is rather annoying and reminds me of some of the OS debates I’ve seen which can generally be summed up as “That X you use sucks because I use Y which means it’s infinitely better. LOL GTFO”.

Since I’m not a fan of such negativity, I’m going to doing something radical. I’m going to detail some of the reasons I like something rather than reasons why something is crap. So, here’s some of the reasons why I like PHP.
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