HHVM commits for the three weeks ending 2016-09-26

Three week’s worth and my laptop was not happy with the amount of tabs I had open. There were so many commits that I probably missed some ones I could highlight, especially as they got closer to today. The main things that have happened in the last three weeks are 3.15 was released, there’s a new version of hacklang.org and the main blog finally got another post!
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HHVM update for the two months ending 2016-05-20

Well, it’s been 2 months. My 2FA session timed out and it took a really long time to have my phone with me when I went do this, since I usually do it Saturday morning and don’t carry my phone with me on weekends. But I’m back now! Hooray!

In the last 2 months, there’s been a rather large amount of work. A couple of quick highlights are:

  • HHVM 3.13 was released.
  • The continued work on the Hack array types (dict and vec so far, I’m guessing keyset will be along shortly).
  • IDL finally died.
  • Lots of refactoring inside Hack.
  • A cache for your cache so you can cache while you cache.
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HHVM update for the week ending 2016-03-11

Not much going on this week. The Hack team is continuing with their refactor.

HHVM update for the week ending 2016-03-04

Welcome to March! There were substantially more commits this week than last.

Some of the more important commits saw the removal of the LLVM backend; the start of implementing the proposed improvements to arrays for Hack; and type checker support for the pipe operator.

This week saw the release of 3.12.1. While mainly a security release, there were also a couple of bug fixes included. Along with this, 3.6 is no longer supported. This mainly effects Ubuntu 12.04, as 3.6 is the last version that supports 12.04.
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HHVM commits for the week ending 2016-02-12

Most of the commits this week were spent cleaning up and refactoring the code base. Very important to do, but makes for a rather short highlights reel.

Though, 3.12.0 was tagged! There’ll probably be an official release announcement on the HHVM blog soon. You can get a feel for what’ll be included in that release by my summaries for the period between 3.11 being cut and 3.12 being cut. Those posts are:

There’ll be a couple of changes that were cherry-picked in that were committed after 3.12 was cut as well as some overlap in periods, since the cut dates and when I end the weeks don’t line up exactly. Were pretty close though.

Summaries of the commits for previous weeks can be found in the category’s archives.
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