HHVM update for the week ending 2016-03-04

Welcome to March! There were substantially more commits this week than last.

Some of the more important commits saw the removal of the LLVM backend; the start of implementing the proposed improvements to arrays for Hack; and type checker support for the pipe operator.

This week saw the release of 3.12.1. While mainly a security release, there were also a couple of bug fixes included. Along with this, 3.6 is no longer supported. This mainly effects Ubuntu 12.04, as 3.6 is the last version that supports 12.04.

This means the default Travis environment no longer has a supported version of HHVM. You either need to use Docker images or the Trusty beta to be able to use a more recent version of HHVM.

Highlights for previous (and future!) weeks can be found in the category’s archives.

Highlights of this week’s commits

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