HHVM update for the week ending 2016-02-19

Back into the normal grind of commits to HHVM this week. Some bug fixes, some complaining about MSVC, some general improvements. All good things.

Also this week:

Summaries of the commits for previous (and future!) weeks can be found in the category’s archives.

Highlights for the week ending 2016-02-12

  • Make MSVC shut up when explicitly dividing by 0.
  • Remove the NEWS file. I guess you’re stuck with these summaries or reading the commits yourself now ;)
  • Allow the Hack parser to return line comments.
  • Have debug_backtrace handle asio cycles.
  • Get the OSX build to finish compiling. Now it just crashes when you try to use it!
  • Get non-request threads to release their BigHeaps.
  • Add a server_is_stopping function that tells PHP if the HTTP server is, well, stopping.
  • Update the coding conventions to say to always use struct.
  • Add a server_uptime function that tells PHP how long the HTTP server has been up for.
  • Have the JIT always be able to figure out if Funcs are hot, rather than leaving ahot potentially empty in repo auth mode.
  • Move server_is_stopping and server_uptime into the HH\ namespace.
  • Fix flushing of output buffers.
  • Fix SOAP treating a string as an array.
  • Fix a crash with |> when returning $$ directly.
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