HHVM commits for the week ending 2015-12-25

Only a small number of commits to HHVM this week. Probably because people are on holiday. This is the last summary for this year!

Summaries of the commits for previous weeks can be found in the category’s archives.

My highlights from the commits to HHVM for the week ending 2015-12-18 are:

  • Don’t send a body for HEAD requests in proxygen.
  • Remove some rather dead code.
  • Don’t lookup the default value for a property when we’ve already got the property.
  • Set an empty doc root to mean $PWD again.
  • Have hh_server --check write to stdout instead of stderr.
  • Have stream_get_metadata($tempfile) include a uri key.
  • Fix the error message for strict_type without PHP7 mode
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