HHVM commits for the week ending 2015-12-11

There are fewer commits this week than last week, most likely due to preparing HHVM 3.11 for release.

There’s been further work this week on general PHP and PHP7 compatibility, some more docs work and the continuing death of IDL. Outside of commits directly to HHVM, the new docs site has been launched!

My highlights from the commits to HHVM for the week ending 2015-12-11 are:

  • More general compatibility with PHP:
    • Provide PHP_AUTH_DIGEST in $_SERVER when using Digest HTTP authentication.
  • Further PHP7 support:
  • Updates to HHI files:
  • An optimisation to unserialising properties when they’re in declaration order.
  • More documentation improvements:
  • Convert Closure to HNI again (since IDL needs to die).
  • Retune ncontig. I have no idea what it is, but it sounds important.
  • A long overdue update to the repo’s README.
  • Make the test runner handle uniqid() not being unique.
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