Learning objectives

Since this series of posts if all about me learning things, I figured I should at least mention some of the things I’m hoping to learn this year. This list is by no means complete.

  • Rust, assuming it reaches a stable release this year. It seems to be taking some interesting approaches to certain problems.
  • Go. While I have used it (it’s what’s ss-log is written in), I wouldn’t say I actually know it and is likely to be useful for server-side concurrent things.
  • Erlang. Another language for highly concurrent processes, that’s a lot more battle tested than Go.
  • C++. While I can use it, that’s all going from my C/PHP knowledge. This is fine for the work I’ve done so far in it (mostly HNI conversions for HHVM), it’ll be nice to actually know the language and its features.
  • Vanilla JS. Knowing JavaScript without having to use jQuery for everything will make it easier to pick up other JS libraries as well as understanding what jQuery actually does for me.
  • Another PHP framework. I don’t foresee me continuing to use SilverStripe (especially since the problems I’ve detailed with its development have been ignored), and it is rather crap if you don’t want the CMS, so would be useful to learn another framework. Perhaps a micro framework as well.
  • More proficiency with Ansible. I already use it to maintain all my servers, but I’d like to be able to do more with it and to be more efficient when I do use it.

What else do you think I should try to learn this year? Or, another way of phrasing this, what would you like to see me post about in this series?

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