A year of learnings

This year, I’m hoping to get into posting more frequently, while still having some notion of quality. To that extent, I’m planning on starting a weekly series of posts in which I go over something I’ve found interesting or a clever little trick I’ve discovered/written or just something I’ve been thinking about recently. I will be aiming to have the posts go out every Tuesday at 11am local (Canberra) time.

These things are likely to be coding related, to fit the theme of this site, though I won’t be limiting myself to that if I come across something simply amazing I want to share. If you just want to check out my general thoughts, there’s my Twitter and App.net accounts. I tend to post links I find interesting via Pocket, so there’s that feed too.

All the posts will be tagged with “Year of Learnings“, so will be easy to find and there’s even an RSS feed for just that tag if you don’t want to see all my other posts.

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