Quitting as a core committer

Effective immediately, I am quitting as a core committer to SilverStripe. I have removed myself from the GitHub groups, the committer’s mailing list and the UserVoice forum.

This decision has been coming for some time now. I have problems with the direction and control of the project as well as the attitude of a parts of the core group. These are becoming more apparent and I feel that I can no longer be associated with the leadership of the project.

It has been some time since I have made significant contributions to the core. This has been due to the attitude of a part of the core team. I have been treated with contempt and condescension. If that was the only problem, I would’ve been fine to continue managing the code base without contributing to it myself.

However, the reaction to my contributions was only the beginning. It appears that the decision makers think of me as someone who will complain about anything (case in point, the move to GitHub issues. It was a bad idea at the time, and is still a bad idea. They’re proving to be more frustrating to use than Trac was and the procedures that were supposed to fix that have never happened, despite my attempts) and this had lead to me just being excluded from discussions.

Since the appointing of a community aggravation manager, this has become worse. Not only have I been treated with contempt and as someone whose opinions don’t matter, my value of my time has been ignored and mocked.

Then there’s the control of the project. This is my biggest problem with the project. The core team does not control the project. It’s just a figure head. All decisions and plans for the project are made internally by SilverStripe Ltd with no input or control by the community. This has also lead them to use their power to push their commercial products over those offered by the rest of the community and even their overseas offices.

I can not continue to work for a project that disregards me and my time while being used as marketing for a commercial entity. While perhaps not worded in this way, I have brought up this points before and things have only gotten worse.

What this means for my involvement in the community in general, I’m not so sure about. I am likely to keep investing a significant amount of my time into helping users of SilverStripe. I am still going to be building 91 Carriage. I am yet undecided on if I will continue to contribute to the core.

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